Sunday, July 12, 2009

Evening walks to clear the mind work wonders

So there has been lots of things going on. Lots of changes and craziness and lack of anything important in my head to write about. Well, more like at a total loss for anything to write about. I started a couple of posts only to delete the whole thing in the middle of writing and then stare at the screen dumbly. I figured today was a good day to post because my usual sunday posts are fairly easy. Pull card and write (I've been needing to consult the cards anyway)

The Page of Shields. A tenacious reliable person. One who resists any distractions when in pursuit of a goal. A serious scholar with great self discipline. A hunger for knowlege. A dedicated student. One who exhibits a keen buisness sense. An honourable, courageous person who does his or her best to help others. A messenger with good news (a job pretty please??!!!!) sounds like good things are in store though I'm not really sure who/what the cards are pointing to currently.