Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hey! im on time for once

The card of the week is.......10 of Spears aka The Green Knight

I don't have my scanner right now so I can't show you a picture of the card but heres the definition/what I'm getting from it.

Feeling tremendous pressure. Encountering an awesome task which tests courage and diplomacy (great, lovely). Fellings out of one's depth. Living under the restrictions of a specific code of conduct (living in the parents house and not having my usually freedoms?). Temporarily suppressing personal desires in order to complete a task (not like I haven't been doing that the whole time I was in school). Playing by the rules of the game. Striving to please others (I fully disapprove of those two but will probably do it anyways). Success through perseverance (I hope so).

So basically the whole living back at home and needing to ask permission to go and do things and maybe whoring myself out looking for a job is what I'm seeing here.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Cooking, cleaning, and plants

Sill working on the moving. I've made room for more of my stuff here in my room and the garage is ready for the cats....more or less. i tried baking yesterday and it came out rather sad. I made a pineapple upside-down spice cake. I thought it might be tasty as long as it didn't taste like bubble gum. And it is tasty however it diden't get baked all the way so the middle is still batter-y much to my frustration. Granted I didn't use a cast iron skillet like the direction said so maybe I should have made some alterations. Goes to show you cooking is a learning process. I also had some pretty nasty heartburm last night right after I ate said culinary experiment. I may not make that again, we shall see.

The funny thng about cleaning my room from one side to the other is I have more stuff that I am recycling then throwing out. I've got this bitty trash basket in my room and I think I have filled it up only once, going on twice now. it just amazes me how much paper stuff is in my room. And change, I can't tell you how much change I have thrown in my puppy bank. Its not a pig so I can't call it a piggy bank, its a little sharpe puppy bank that I've had for as long as I can remember.

In other news I am growing somewhere between 8 and 12 amarylises from seed that are sitting here with my mom's plants (thankfully she likes gardening too) They all came from the same plant but I'm hoping there will be some genetic variation and I'll have pretty amarylises all over (out of the cat's reach) in the winter. I officially killed my blueberry bush, sadly but the orange tree is doing well at mom's office (needed a place to stash it in its new huge pot). Hopefully my other plants at the apartment haven't died, I've been a neglectful mother.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

changing with the times

So I have officially graduated. The Divine saw fit to wait till after graduation for the big rains to come (we had the ceremony outside and got drizzled on). While we were all processing to the milling about area the clouds let loose and we got soaked, but at least it wasn't in the middle of all the diploma giving. The one nice thing about being graduated is that I can now study whatever the heck I want to and its a bit funny because now I'm not sure where to start. I kept saying once I graduate I'm going to learn more about this and this and that and ooo hey thats cool I want to know more about that. I'm going to have to work out a learning schedule or something (holy crap I'm creating a class schdule for myself!!! you can never get away from school). Currently I am moving out of my apartment slowly, I'm sure too slow for my roomate and her new roomate (who is already there amongst my clutter and my cats). I know I keep saying I'm going to get back on the writing wagon and currently without a job I have to go in to work for that might be possible. If the spotty wireless in my house lets me/I don't break down and use the devil computer that hates my guts and destroy the internet connection.
We shall see. Currently my life revolves around cleaning my room in my parents house so I can move my stuff from my apartment into my room. I am very much feeling like I am not getting anything done because I keep moving stuff into places I have cleared out. Its like a cycle of cleaning and rearranging and I'm getting frustrated with it. I really would like to just rent a U-haul and cart the rest of my stuff home and just get all the rearranging and moving and cleaning done with asap. I want to hold a Thank Gods I graduated ritual but I need to have my room clean so I have some free space to work in.
Tomorrow's project is scrubbing my garage floor so my cats can live in it so they don't get eatten by the family dog or irritate my dad's allergies (apparently hes allergic we just discovered this) or walk in stray motor oil or some other harmful thing and clean it off thier paws and end up super sick. I will learn the art of zen scrubbing (ie meditation through motion) which is an idea borrowed from a good friend of mine who does zen mopping. I thought it would be something interesting to work on while scrubbing instead of just letting my mind wander which can be unproductive at times.
hopefully in the coming days I will be able to have a better posting schedule up and implemented.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Make like a tomato and ketchup

ok so things are rather crazy at the moment with graduation 10 days away and me trying to get my stuffs together so I can move out. Lets see here..... news.....I think I killed the blueberry bush (oops), my mother is baby sitting the orange tree and we repotted it and its growing! The primrose died too (I've been neglectful of my plants). I have a job that pertains to my major as a writer for an online newsletter thing. I'm thinking about bringing back "cooking in the Co-op" even if it won't be in the Co-op it will be at my parents house. Other then that....there isn't much to report. I'm going to try super hard to get back into posting daily, but I used to do it in the mornings before class and now I don't have the time for that so I get out of class and study.