Wednesday, October 21, 2009

childhood favorites

Every vegetarian has those foods that as a child mom didn't have to worry they wouldn't eat. Usually it has meat in it. And as a vegetarian you slave over ideas of how to make those beloved foods into something that you can again eat and enjoy and love all over again. One of those foods for me was Ham and corn quiche. Mom used to make this all the time and I loved it and would eat it all up and clean my plate of every crumb of filling and crust. Why I love it I really don't know because I am very picky about my eggs and have yet to find another quiche that I can eat without gagging because of the rediculously egg-y taste. I love eggs as long as I can't taste that grossy egg-y texture/taste thing. I will eat the fuck out of an omlete and scrambled eggs and poached eggs but if they are in a food and that food tastes egg-y I'm gonna gag and its not going to be pretty. Honestly, I think it has something to do with the amount of corn in it (the reason I like the quiche). Cause I love corn (I'm begining to realize this). Instead of putting real ham I just used fake ham. I am not usually one to use the fake meats unless it is absolutely necessary but I was pawing through my mom's recipe books (there are a million of them I swear) and we were talking about how to divide up her current official cookbook because its bursting at the seams and she has to rubberband it closed and she made a comment about that recipe and how she could take it out cause we never eat it anymore and I went holy crap! I want to vegetize it!!! It was soooo good!

I must admit I was rather pleased with the way it came out. It had an interesting sweet taste around the "ham" and cheese at the bottom but I really don't remember what it tasted like originally so I cannot really compare. It was so simple to make that I will probably make it again at some point though I doubt anyone aside from me and my mom (who is open to new culinary experiences) will eat it. I can understand why mom made it so often when I was a baby.

Now all I have to do is figure out how to vegetize mom's chicken a la king recipe. Currently I just eat it without the chicken so its basically veggies in a cream sauce....still good but lacking a certain something (yeah chicken I know)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Things to be excited about super dork edition

Things have been a little hectic around here. I'm working 2 jobs and on the weekends they come right next to eachother with enough time to shower and let my hair air dry. I'm thinking about investing in a hair dryer. I stopped using one after I decided that it was too damaging to my hair, but then again my hair is just crazy and coarse anyways so it may be time to rethink. Good news: I'm actually making money and not just staying afloat. Now that I'm not worried about every dollar I spend and focused on just finding another job so I'm not bleeding my account dry I can focus on the all important task of finding an actual job. I have until the end of the year to find a job with health benefits (cause I need them) so still a bit of a deadline but hey we always work better with deadlines right? At least I do. However I have this problem with the weather. There are so many who say they feel energized by fall. Yes, its very pretty but fuck man its cold. Me on the other hand, when it gets cold I move slowly. The colder it is the slower I tend to move which is why it takes me a full hour more to finish one job which will in the end be a hugeass problem when I need to get to my other job. Oh the frustration this will cause. But really I do love this season. This season is Halloween to me and I am super excited about halloween this year because I have time to carve pumpkins! And I plan to carpet my fiancee's porch in carved pumpkins and take all the seeds and cook them. I have a few recipes I want to try with them but mostly I have no idea what to do with that many damn pumpkin seeds. But I am a stubborn sort and WILL cook them and eat them (and maybe force some on my poor friends and family). Any recipe/ways to cook them you like and think I might like? I'm also intending on making pumpkin pie with the bits of pumkin I cut out of the pumpkins while carving. Which honestly doesn't make alot of sense to me because I'm not really a big fan of pumpkin flavored foods but I have a need to not waste anything, if I can help it. I'm also looking foreward to Thanksgiving, which confuses me a little. I find the more I grow up, the more I look foreward to family oriented things (aka subjecting ones self to people that drive you flipping crazy and you need to take a vacation afterwards just to relax from your vacation with them, or if you're me, get your loving Master to beat the tar out of you......go figure) But this time 2 years ago I got the awesomest recipe ever and everyone who has tried it really likes it. I was really happy thanksgivings ago when i made it and I had veggie food that everyone was willing to eat that wasn't stuffing and potatoes and pumpkin pie. I'm planning on making it a normal staple in the Thanksgiving feast of my family.....and maybe my fiancee's too if I go over there for thanksgiving again this year. I am continually amazed that I am growing up and yet still very much a child in adults clothes.