Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pull a card....any card. Late again I know.

I think I just got a message from the universe to quit bitching. The story from this card is a look beneath the surface and find something wonderful type. Gawain marries this ass-ugly woman and during the marriage everyone is jeering but Gawain (who was forced into the marriage more or less) remains courteous to her throughout the marriage. But when it comes time to consumate the marriage his steadfastness wanes and he mopes in front of his fire trying to figure out how he can not bed this woman. (it seems he and I have both chosen this what seems to be a rather unappetizing option) Once he turns to face her she isn't the ass-ugly woman but the gorgeous Ragnell. This may be a time when I am supposed to find my own meaning in the card because it appears upside down but the meaning in the book makes little sense to me except for the not acknowleging the assistance of others bit (which......I wasn't moments before).

If I could have the opinions of my fellow card readers that would be helpful I think. The full meaning from the book is as follows: shallow spiteful behavior. broken promises. weak character. ignoring old friends. not acknowlegeing the assistance of others. social climber. superficial person who humiliates otheres to boost his or her own self confidence

I feel like I'm going through a growing period with my cards and I am having difficulty making out what they are saying to me, I find myself relying more on the story behind the cards and not the written meaning, which I suppose is how its supposed to be.....but it leaves me rather confused at times.

Monday, April 13, 2009

ok so its a bit late

This weeks tarot card is.....The hermit

Ironically I have only gotten this card once before. This card is all about taking time for ones self to recouperate and become recentered, seeking answers/consulting the wisdom from within ones self.

I have looked at two other bloggers that pull cards at the begining of the week and each of them was about centering ones self and doing what you want to do regardless of how others see you. I'm thinking everyone needs to chill a bit after the Easter weekend and visiting with family. I myself definitely need a bit of a relax/centering period. I am having exams this week and was stressing over that and a few other things most of last week which lead to my distraction and not posting. I am planning on having a bit of me and "my" garden time later this week after exams are over which always makes me feel calm and good when I'm done....and maybe I'll finally just sit down and have time to finish reading Eragon which I have been carrying around and not reading because of lack of time.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Plant Post!!!

well, the dumpster plant died. It was slowly dying all winter and then my roomate's boy came over and stayed for a week and I feel very akward wandering in to water plants with him there so I didn't and it died. Right before spring....is it wierd I feel bad? I'd been telling it to hang in there once spring came id put it outside and it would get all the sun and warm it could want and it died just before spring *facepalm* oh well. I never did get to figure out what those anonymous bulbs were they sprouted leaves and then died/dried up. I'm seeing a little green shoot trying to poke its nose out of the soil so we will see maybe something interesting will happen. all the other plants are still there (blueberry bush is still asleep I am waiting impatiently for it to wake up)and I'll be attempting to grow amarylis seeds again (this time at my parents house so Avi doesn't eat it). Mom got me edamame seeds to grow, I'm kinda excited about that. I'm also going to grow kale that she had laying about in a seed bag. See how that works. Oh yeah! and the bulbs me and my old roomate planted are growing! The hyacinthe are just about to open up and assault us all with thier beautiful smell (I am so excited). I had one crocus bloom with about 5 blossoms, I was impressed. So far no other bulbs have flowered but...I think there is more of them than we planted!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy April Fools

The day of my Senior Sem is here (I still don't appreciate the humor of some of my professors) things will be fine and the card I pulled Sunday night reminds me to take a modest amount of pride in the hard work (and it was hard) I have done over this semester. Send me a nice good luck thought around 6:30 when presentations start.

So my latest pagan grand idea is to study the chakras mostly to help me balance myself, we all know I need as much balance as I can find. its going to be rather slow going as I am reading a book about them while waiting for the computer to turn on but I figure I'll absorb knowlege little bit by little bit and that will be better than flooding the brain with knowlege.