Monday, September 29, 2008


Well, first off...Hi! This blog is going to be full of Pagan/gardening/wildlife/vegetarian/cooking stuff. Really its just to help me stay interested in my own life. I realize that sounds a bit odd but there it is. I am a senior in college faced with the daunting reality that by May I will be graduating and getting a real job so in order to stave off the panic I will be focusing on things that excite me in good ways that do not induce terror and therefore keep me from running through campus screaming and crying. It will be a way to get my ideas out of my own head and into semi-coherent thoughts. It will be a place for me to be completely goofy about my plants and make bizzare sounding connections to Deity through the plants. It will be about my views as a pagan/vegetarian/environmental type, I don't want you thinking that I am going to scream at you from my soap box to be veggie and stop destroying the world....heck no. This is more of a this is how I see the world...lets talk. I won't be bashing any people, I am a firm believer that everyone has thier own path and it is right only for them and no one else, that being said no one else can critisize that person's path (ie. religion, dietary habits, hair color...what have you). So obviously I have a pretty broad amalgamation of stuff to talk about, its gonna be interesting.

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