Thursday, April 2, 2009

Plant Post!!!

well, the dumpster plant died. It was slowly dying all winter and then my roomate's boy came over and stayed for a week and I feel very akward wandering in to water plants with him there so I didn't and it died. Right before it wierd I feel bad? I'd been telling it to hang in there once spring came id put it outside and it would get all the sun and warm it could want and it died just before spring *facepalm* oh well. I never did get to figure out what those anonymous bulbs were they sprouted leaves and then died/dried up. I'm seeing a little green shoot trying to poke its nose out of the soil so we will see maybe something interesting will happen. all the other plants are still there (blueberry bush is still asleep I am waiting impatiently for it to wake up)and I'll be attempting to grow amarylis seeds again (this time at my parents house so Avi doesn't eat it). Mom got me edamame seeds to grow, I'm kinda excited about that. I'm also going to grow kale that she had laying about in a seed bag. See how that works. Oh yeah! and the bulbs me and my old roomate planted are growing! The hyacinthe are just about to open up and assault us all with thier beautiful smell (I am so excited). I had one crocus bloom with about 5 blossoms, I was impressed. So far no other bulbs have flowered but...I think there is more of them than we planted!

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