Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pull a card....any card. Late again I know.

I think I just got a message from the universe to quit bitching. The story from this card is a look beneath the surface and find something wonderful type. Gawain marries this ass-ugly woman and during the marriage everyone is jeering but Gawain (who was forced into the marriage more or less) remains courteous to her throughout the marriage. But when it comes time to consumate the marriage his steadfastness wanes and he mopes in front of his fire trying to figure out how he can not bed this woman. (it seems he and I have both chosen this what seems to be a rather unappetizing option) Once he turns to face her she isn't the ass-ugly woman but the gorgeous Ragnell. This may be a time when I am supposed to find my own meaning in the card because it appears upside down but the meaning in the book makes little sense to me except for the not acknowleging the assistance of others bit (which......I wasn't moments before).

If I could have the opinions of my fellow card readers that would be helpful I think. The full meaning from the book is as follows: shallow spiteful behavior. broken promises. weak character. ignoring old friends. not acknowlegeing the assistance of others. social climber. superficial person who humiliates otheres to boost his or her own self confidence

I feel like I'm going through a growing period with my cards and I am having difficulty making out what they are saying to me, I find myself relying more on the story behind the cards and not the written meaning, which I suppose is how its supposed to be.....but it leaves me rather confused at times.

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Nelly said...

Umm...yeah that's a weird one. Maybe it's referring to someone in particular that you might need to watch out for?