Monday, April 13, 2009

ok so its a bit late

This weeks tarot card is.....The hermit

Ironically I have only gotten this card once before. This card is all about taking time for ones self to recouperate and become recentered, seeking answers/consulting the wisdom from within ones self.

I have looked at two other bloggers that pull cards at the begining of the week and each of them was about centering ones self and doing what you want to do regardless of how others see you. I'm thinking everyone needs to chill a bit after the Easter weekend and visiting with family. I myself definitely need a bit of a relax/centering period. I am having exams this week and was stressing over that and a few other things most of last week which lead to my distraction and not posting. I am planning on having a bit of me and "my" garden time later this week after exams are over which always makes me feel calm and good when I'm done....and maybe I'll finally just sit down and have time to finish reading Eragon which I have been carrying around and not reading because of lack of time.

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