Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hey! im on time for once

The card of the week is.......10 of Spears aka The Green Knight

I don't have my scanner right now so I can't show you a picture of the card but heres the definition/what I'm getting from it.

Feeling tremendous pressure. Encountering an awesome task which tests courage and diplomacy (great, lovely). Fellings out of one's depth. Living under the restrictions of a specific code of conduct (living in the parents house and not having my usually freedoms?). Temporarily suppressing personal desires in order to complete a task (not like I haven't been doing that the whole time I was in school). Playing by the rules of the game. Striving to please others (I fully disapprove of those two but will probably do it anyways). Success through perseverance (I hope so).

So basically the whole living back at home and needing to ask permission to go and do things and maybe whoring myself out looking for a job is what I'm seeing here.

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