Saturday, June 13, 2009

I got to make strawberry jelly!!!

My boy was flabbergasted that I had never gone strawberry picking. I had told him we had strawberries in my garden when I was little but I don't really rememeber it. Last week he says to me the strawberry field near my house is open lets go pick strawberries. I thought it was really sweet that he took me cause he is rather sensitive to the sun and hates bugs.

There is something so perfect about a strawberry eaten just after picking. They are warm from the sun and so wonderfully sweet, nothing beats it in the fruit world.

We picked a whole quart of strawberries. All of which I got to take home (minus the ones we ate while at his house). I made jelly out of some and its soooo tasty, although a bit runny (ok I helped make). And on Monday or Sunday night I'm going to make a pie that alot of the rest will go on top of. Oh yeah and for the record frozen strawberries in leu of ice is AMAZING and I love whoever thought of the idea.

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Nelly said...

Sun-warmed strawberries are indeed one of life's greatest pleasures (and I'm totally gonna steal that bit about using frozen ones as ice cubes, omg!) but until you've tasted figs fresh from the tree in a Southern garden, you haven't lived ;P