Thursday, June 4, 2009

We are always changing

I keep having grand ideas for a post and then by the time I get to my computer I forget them. Isn't it the way of things. I thought since I've graduated and all I would do another one of those lists about myself, but I can't seem to find it here so maybe I haven't done one yet on this blog. Either way, here goes 20 things that make up me.

1. Graduate
2. Student (I am always learning)
3. Priestess
4. human
5. female
6. pet owner
7. daughter
8. Sibling
9. girlfriend
10. friend
11. book worm
12. masochist (TMI I know)
13. submissive
14. happy
15. not stressed
16. employed (though it won't pay the bills so I'm looking for more work)
17. Pagan
18. vegetarian
19. pack rat
20. trying to be mindful (which by the way is super hard)

I think its funny how I almost forgot things like being a veggie because they are so much apart of me. I am still looking for that other list I know I made to see what the differences are because I know there are some. Alas, I am disorganized. And now it is my bed time. Brightest Blessings and good journey to you all.

Oh! and to my friend moving to Mass. See ya for the solstice.

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