Monday, March 30, 2009

Bit of a format change

Ok so now that I am back and almost done with Senior Sem. My presentation is on April fools day, someone has a sick, sick sense of humor. But I digress. On sundays from now until....I decide to change it. I will be pulling a tarot card from my deck (Legend The Arthurian Tarot) to see what I need to know for the coming week. This week I pulled the 8 of shields. Amusingly enough I was thinking about pulling a card that discussed this subject.

This card is of Wayland the master craftsman God in British mythology, whose weapons were surpassed my no one, working on crafting a shield. This card is all about working hard but taking pleasure from what you are doing. I am going to be optimistic about my employment possibilities this week.

I have been worrying about finding a job (at this point almost any job would do) for it seems like a very long time. Last week I woke up with this calm contentment and knowlege that everything would work out, and though I am again worrying about it that beautiful voice that is somehow mine but completely not at the same time, full of calm and a slight smile keeps telling me things will be ok and I find that I can't work myself up into a good panic about it as easily as I could before. Its so much harder to hit that one thought that sends me sliding down the spiral. This is the first time I will agree with anyone who says that bleeding from ones vagina brings you closer to the universe. For a long time Mother wasn't in my head, my prayer routine fallen to the wayside, I had battened down the hatches and was waiting for the storm to go away. And now, I think the worst of it has passed over and I can enjoy the thunder storm and the life giving spring rains (I will ignore the hail that i drove through today)

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