Thursday, March 26, 2009

This is me, reaching back out to the universe

*peeks out of the shell*
Well, there is about a week until the stressful things go away and I give my Senior Seminar presentation and turn in my paper soon after so...things are looking almost like they could get better. Though in all honesty, I'm not sure they will just yet. I've been having health problems galore (all non-life threatening but impressive all the same) my new Doctor is concerned my heart doesn't beat properly so I get to go get a heart ultrasound today and frankly I'm scared. Scared up one side and down the other and ready to cry (not that by now I'm not used to that feeling, me and being on the verge of tears have been best friends for a couple months now).
I read this thing by Susun Weed a few moments ago saying how skin ailments have an emotional component *glares at hands* basically stress = ecxima. Stress....check. excima....check (yeah, again). I'm hoping the boy is right and all this health stupidity will right itself once I'm less stressed out. Now all I have to do is find me something that pays the bills and feeds my cats.

Ok universe, here I am.....please don't do your worst. I am going to work at getting back to daily postings since the cats wake me up really early and I have time to post before class.

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