Saturday, March 28, 2009

This isn't that hard

I am reading this article the title being Cruel Irony: Do Renewable Power Plants threaten Thier Surrounding Environment. And the answer: Yes. Because you have to take lots and lots of land to make these wind farms and solar farms and such. Now I have no help for the wind farms they are of debatable good in my opinion me. But it seems to me that there would be little difficulty in putting solar panels on top of all the buildings in a city and maybe all the houses. Of course, this would need some study to see if it didn't blind birds or something with reflection (is there reflection? I'll do research on that at some point). I don't see the necessity of using acres and acres of land if we can just put them on top of buildings. Just cover the fuck out of all the building and house tops and well all be just fine. I feel like they keep doing things the hard it just me?

Here's that article

P.S. No heart defects!!!

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