Friday, November 21, 2008

cooking in the Co-op

Here is the account of my last cooking shift for this semester. A friend of mine from high school came to visit me for a little bit and ended up helping the cooking shift which was cool. There was so much food left over from the co-op thanksgiving that I had no idea what to make or use for lunch and she just popped in with a great idea. Pasta with mushrooms, tomatoes (from the "turkey" meal), and wilted spinach mixed in. It was tasty. I was so happy to see her, not gonna lie. In the end the shift made 2 soups (one reheated from the "turkey" meal with a few additions and the other made for that day) our pasta thing, chocolate chip cookies, and some cauliflower thing that I wasn't hungry enough to eat because I ate a late breakfast. All in all a good last shift. Here's to hoping if I get another cooking shift that its as awesome as this one.

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