Monday, November 3, 2008

An odd display of balance in the world

Near my apt there is this real fancy nice house with a fenced in yard that is perfectly manicured, you poke a code into a thingy and the fence door for the car to get in opens and has 3 yappy pomeranians with a Mccain Palin sign (the dogs aren't carrying the sign). Across the rode is this small property that I swear the whole property that isn't the house is garden...sort of (not flowers everywhere but still somehow screams I am a garden even if I am trying to eat the house). The greenery is just taking over its beautiful. It has a walkway to the back that is covered in greenery and the front door is half obscured by a bush I am not exactly sure how the lady gets out of her house or gets company, it's exactly how I would picture an elf house (Lord of rings or Dianne Sylvan elves not Santa elves). I think it is so interesting how on one side of the street we have rich republican lady and on the other the almost elf house. Complete amd total oposites of eachother. The lady in the elf house does keep an eye on the wildlife that ends up in the rich republican's yard though, in fact she keeps an eye on all the wildlife, espeically the squirrels. Around here she is called the squirrel lady (probably behind her back) but she is lovely and I have talked to her a bit now and then. She always says good morning to me (even when I am trudging to campus for class at 8 am on a Saturday). It fasinates me how this balancing effect happened. I would really like to know who came first.

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