Saturday, November 15, 2008

*Throws open the door* I'm baaack!!!

I know I have said it before but there is something to waking up early, its Gods aweful and painful to do but once I get outside walking to campus its all calm serenity...even in the rain. There was a light rain coupled with mist all over campus and it was beautiful it makes things easier when its beautiful out. I am still horribly busy but life has calmed to its normal pace again, but in the time that life has been a tad too interesting for my own good (having people stay over for the weekend plus a few days unexpectedly, taking that person to the ER, mother getting bitchy cause I didn't go with her decision, mad dash study/paper writing combo for the same class) I have seen some really amazing things. Yesterday my birdfeeder fell off its precarious holding place and broke (crap ass piece of shit) full of this seed that no bird would eat (count on it because I bought a huge bag of it) by the afternoon the pile of seed that had fallen from the feeder was gone and there was a chipmunk with full cheekpouches reaching its little arms and head into the feeder for more seeds. At least someone likes it. The day before that I saw the biggest flock of birds I have ever seen in my life in the "woods" behind my apt. There were so many that all thier chirpings melded into white noise and it was LOUD. A fellow classmate of mine said they were probably starlings (which sadly are an invasive species but it was impressive all the same).
I also had a good looong talk with a friend of mine who always has the best advice and thoughts to give on matters that stress me out. Thankfully he lives close by...for now, he moves around alot, I'll be sad when he moves too far away to visit. He told me to not be afraid of the changes going on around me, don't hide from them (there is a reason we cancers make shells, we like to hide in them). Instead take charge of them, make the changes I want (something that will be very hard for me to do, I am not one to be the person controlling things, in fact I prefer to be the one being controlled). Choices that aren't what will I wear, or eat, or do, or where will I go today worry me in fact sometimes they downright scare me, but we can talk about my sub-y tendencies some other day. He also reminded me that no matter what changes in my life, my friends, where ever I go (or they go) they will always be my friends....somehow yeah, I needed that reminder...go figure. Its part of the unique-ness that is me that when I get upset the mean voice in my head convinces me I'm all alone and will be if I venture outside my current little box *cough cough* school *cough*. Its nice to be reminded that there are people out there who will always care, we all need that reminder sometimes. Oh yes, and I'm also supposed to remember to take breaks and not wear myself out with school and have fun now and then (I'll try, someone might have to remind me now and then).
I'm not sure my body likes nettle tea....I started drinking it this morning cause last time it made my brain super awake and I thought that would be good during the exam but the moment it started into my system, digesting with my breakfast I started getting a headache and last time I used it that evening I had the most blistering headache that made me not even want to go visit my boy I felt like such shit. Even now I can feel the pain just behind the left side of my forehead. I may not drink anymore....we shall see.
I am contemplating making sweet potato pie for Thanksgiving....well...more of a just because and not exactly for Thanksgiving. I'm not exactly all about this holiday and I love sweet potato pie and I want some and its the season for it and I have never made a pie and I feel like maybe its time that I should get rid of my pie making virginity so the other tab-y on this browser is sweet potato pie recipes but I don't know how to choose one. One exam down.....2 more to go but not for about a week. Oh yes, me and the new roomate are getting along well and she brought a tv for watching movies!!!
one more thing. I am totally stoked about this new e-book that Dianne Sylvan put out. See column at right blog name Dancing Down The Moon.

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