Monday, November 17, 2008

Its stuck

Well, there is snow on the ground and it has been there since yesterday. It was snowing yesterday and last night. It may be melting. Now, I hate cold but the snow on all the trees was rather pretty. I am doing my best not to run screaming from the room when I see the white stuff, it is just a season of the year and it will pass just as each winter has passed ever since I have been alive. I will just keep telling myself that and wrap the blanket tighter about my shoulders and wait...just like those in the wild (except some of them get to hibernate). It is a time for introspection, self realizment, a bowl of soup (there is a rumor of potato soup for lunch I'm excited), a book, and a nice fire in the fire place (even though burning actual logs is worse for the environment then those fire starting "logs" go figure). It is a time to stay close to home and be with the community (we really are sort of a bizzare hive species that elects the "queen" instead of however its done with bees and ants or the borg.....yeah trekkie moment) and learn how to tolerate the family after being able to run about and do your own thing for much of the year, at least thats how it used to be. We still do the hunkering down with blankets and books but less with the community and family stuff.

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