Saturday, November 1, 2008

Pretend it is still friday

This might be a tad long....lots of stuff is going on
My good friend from Living Like a Goddess (LLG from now on) came to visit and helped my cooking shift cook yesterday. It was awesome despite the mad ass lack of vegan food. I said screw it I'm hungry and ate lunch anyway. I made a fruit salad that was pretty damn summery for October 31st. Watermelon, black berrys, and pineapple with the leafy part of the pineapple as garnish for the big bowl of fruit. My friend made garlic bread which thankfully was vegan because she used the old co-op way of making it (bread+olive oil on bread+chopped up garlic rubbed into oily bread=tasty tasty garlic bread) . There was soup, and pudding from scratch, and rice and beans. It was fun.

My friend from LLG also got me some nettle to try for myself and I must say....WHOA. I don't think I have ever payed attention in a class i don't really like so hard in my life. It's just crazy. I am in this horrible state between super awake and dear Gods I want to sleep so I keep feeling the need to stretch because I still feel like I just got out of bed (blame going to bed at a normal time and waking up earlier then I normally do for the tiredness), but it is pretty damn impressive. This is definitely not something I want to drink after say....dinner time. This is the first time drinking it so we will see how things go after this, I have an ounce to play with. So I will probably talk about this again at some point to update everyone. I am definitely keeping some around to help me during exams. I wonder if this would be good for those who have ADD. I don't know about how ADD really works brain chemistry wise and how this would affect them but I know it is less expensive then the drugs they have to buy for the rest of time. May be an alternative...who knows.

Yesterday was also Samhain. Me and my friend from LLG had a dumb dinner in the co-op which was a tad akward because we were worried someone would come in and try to talk to us who were supposed to remain silent for the meal so we could think/remember dead loved ones (or people you knew). It was interesting because I thought about people I hadn't thought about in years and a few I hardly knew at all but whos death changed things so completely around me that I couldn't help but think on them anyway. It was nice though because originally I thought I was going to have to be at my parents house that night and wouldn't have been comfortable with them being there/part of it(for reasons discussed earlier this month). Next year there will have to be vegan food in the dinner (we just ate what was in the fridge) so we can toss it outside or compost food on the plate for the dead ones because you leave a seat empty and plate (with food) at that seat for the dead. We felt bad about wasting it but...we know better for next year. It was interesting eating food, one of the most basic things of life while focusing on the dead. In a way eating for the dead. To those who are gone: Grandpa, Cousin Jim (the first gay man I ever knew and didn't realize it until he was dead but I should have known when he smelled all the lotions at Bath and Body Works), Aunt Marie (even if I can't remember what you looked like), My first riding instructor's dad (even if he did scare the crap out of me jokeing about cutting my hair...I was really young), Grace and Andy (the hall my dorm was on was so much quieter after you died that I never really got used to it). You might be gone, but not forgotten....hope you liked the milk/soymilk mixture we poured outside for you.
Oh yeah. Happy Dia de los muertos.

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