Tuesday, January 13, 2009

And here we go one more time around the wheel

Recently I have been reading many books that all say the same thing about cycles. "they are more like spirals" because every time they come back to the original spot the cycle is a little different. And I am begging to agree. I've started my last 2nd semester of school and it is much the same as every other time I've done it. I'm older, the classes are different but it always follows the same routine: get schedule, find the classroom, get a seat, get a syllabus and go through it, have some lecture time before class is over. For a while I could intellectually understand why they said this but I never really agreed with it (maybe I just hadn't thought about it hard enough). So now I agree....(and really wish someone would come open up the co-op cause I'm starving my ass off).

I have a few new ideas for things to talk about on different days, one of them being astrology (it will depend on if I have time to learn things myself), I may or may not have a cooking shift this semester hopefully I'll find out by next week. I might also try and talk about tarot cards, maybe pull a card a week (it will aid in my learning of my own deck that I've had for at least 3 or 4 years and still don't know). We shall see. All will get sorted out in the fullness of time (which could be a really long time from now)

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