Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lets not do depressing things today

I had this article all ready for your viewing pleasure (or something) about how autism is on the rise and is being linked to infant exposure to pesticides, and house cleaners and viruses and other toxic crap like that but I'd rather not talk about that today, so I think I'll do that book review I was planning on.

The book is called Food Not Lawns: How to turn your yard into a garden and your neighborhood into a community by Heather Coburn Flores. I saw this book in borders in the gardening section and mentioned it to my mom and *poof* it was under the christmas tree. But really it was a great book. (of course my father didn't let me get 6 pages into it before he tried debating with me how not everyone can grow thier own food, and kept trying to debate with me after I told him that I hadn't even gotten through the 6th page yet) There was alot of thing about gardening and how to fill a garden space (I mean really fill it by using plants that will work together to help eachother grow. ex) 3 sisters corn, beans, squash) but also alot of other interesting ways to lower your carbon footprint and reusing water from showers and sinks for different purposes, as well as ways to bring your neighbors closer together. There were a few things that I wasn't quite sure really fell in with the conserving water ideas that she spoke of now and then but all in all it was a very interesting book and I think I will try some of her ideas. The title was a little misleading because it really was packed with more then just community garden information. I also really liked that the back of the book was packed with resources as well as footnotes where you can read more about certain subjects. I really feel like I got more information then I payed for in some ways.

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