Monday, January 26, 2009

still working on that new schedule

well, last week was hell and I'm still feeling the ripples off it. Still waiting to see about that positive earth shattering change the cards talked about. I don't exactly know where I stand with a very good friend of mine and I still pretty much want to curl up in bed and not move until things are back to how they should be. Of course, with this change the cards speak of that may never happen, which really is too terrifying a thought to entertain at this point in time because I cannot imagine what this positive change could be and thinking about it only makes the nervousness worse.
I've set up a meeting with the career center lady to help me find a job after school. depending on how intricate and full of stuff to do that process ends up being I might talk about that....not that it will help stave off the panic (the whole reason this blog was created) so maybe not a good idea. I don't have a cooking shift this semester. I'll probably bring back the cooking talk when I get out of here and have a place of my own where I have to cook food because that was alot of fun and I have a million recipes I want to try. If I do the tarot stuff which I'm thinking I will, it will need to be sunday night. We shall see....when I'm not submerged up to my knees in homework. I'm also thinking of buckling down and working on meditation stuff to help ease the nervousness spoken about above, the theory being if I write about it here, I'll actually do it.
On a different note entirely arnica (its an herb) is pretty sweet stuff. I'll talk more on that tomorrow.

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