Friday, January 23, 2009

Tarot cards, The divine instrument to deliver cosmic 2x4s

To the back of my head.....repeatedly or just one really hard brain jolting, ear ringing, lets not leave our room today for fear of more reprocussions blow to the head.

And now a letter to the universe

Dear Mom and Dad
I know you don't control people's actions.....but really now? Do I need to deal with this shit right now? Couldn't there have been a less stressful time for people to pull stupid shit on me? Some time when people's well meaning "help" won't make me burst into tears cause I'm so stressed and their still well meaning but even less helpful attempts at making me do what they think I should making things worse for me and certain people I care the world this REALLY necessary?
Love always
you're super confused and really unhappy daughter

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