Thursday, October 30, 2008

Plant Post!!

This is gonna be short because I'm behind in my daily routine and need to get studying. I have a primrose that when I bought it only had one plant in the pot. This summer while my mother was mostly taking care of the plant children along with her plant children (until I found my primrose drowning in water, there was literally standing water then I started keeping an eye on things) it sprouted a new plant! So now there are two. Which was a bit exciting because I looked down into it and there were alot of leaves, a heck of alot more then I could ever get to grow on it (but then again I was bad at watering it because it likes water and if I forget to check it one day it will wilt into a pouty dying of thirst mass of fragile leaves. Only to realize that it wasn't that there were lots of leaves on 1 plant it was because there were 2 plants. At some point I should take one of them out of the pot and repot it, but I probably won't until its root bound and screaming at me to give it more room and they are fighting with eachother and I hear from all the way downstairs "MOOOOOOMMMM he's touching me with his feet and won't stop!!!!". Its the same with the dumpster plant, the pot is so demolished that water just runs out of it but I am going to have to cut the pot off the plant and repot it....which I need help with and since there is almost no one at my place ever to help with such things it probably won't be done for awhile.....sorry guys.

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