Monday, December 1, 2008

Break from school distracted me

All 4 days of it. The other days of absence were due to exams

Yay Thanksgiving break! It was nice, the boy tried to help keep me sane during exams (if you want to be technical that was before break). I saw friends I haven't seen in forever and stayed out till ungodly hours of the night like college students are supposed to. I worked on my cookbook and will be attempting to make it a cooking Book of Shadows (from here on in BoS) of sorts. While also trying to decorate the current BoS which I haven't touched in a loooong time, I should work on that. I made an apple crisp that wasn't pretty for my contribution to the boyfriend's family thanksgiving dinner (they were nice enough to have me so I wasn't all by my lonesome that day). I was told it was tasty but I won't be using that recipe again (note to self: granola for crumbles in apple crisp is better then concocting something out of flour and stuff, it can't turn to mush in the oven). Currently I am addicted to Gack (japanese singer) I would love to know what he is saying but the songs are awesome even if I have no idea what the words are. Yeah, I have random tastes in music. I'm also in need of a new piercing....batch of piercings? The current idea is belly button I saw this cute picture on BME that looked like a fan it was 4 pokes in total, it was so cute! Also saw this pretty sweet combo of rings and a door knocker ring attached to the 3 other rings it was cool (I know bad description). Yeah I like piercings and tattoos and will at a later date be discussing a last hurrah/testing myself to the limits and beyond piercing.....much later, in about 5 months (I'm totally stoked and out of my flipping mind, only me would be excited about causing myself a fairly large amount of pain as a woohooo I got out of college and then go party some(anyone say masochist?).
I have 1 tattoo already a scorpion on my left hip a tribute to my leanings towards the Egyptian pantheons and a tribute to a specific Goddess who I have been very remiss in paying attention to (remember that stuff I talked about before, research and paying attention to those you want to worship?) yeah, the tattoo was before I thought about that. The tattoo is supposed to represent Selket a Goddess in the form of a scorpion who protects women (says something about my state of mind at the time huh? Not that I really needed protecting from anything) She was also an excuse to get a tattoo which I wanted badly, not that I regret it mind you, I love my tattoo.
I have 4 piercings all of which are unimpressive but a tribute in itself to my stubbornness (believe it or not I can be stubborn), my piercings take twice as long to heal and always get infected (my body won't bat an eye at scratches by rabbits and dogs and even cats (as long as they aren't barn cats(though technically the incident I reference was a puncture of my finger by barn cat claw...never pretty) but a puncture is a totally different story). They are in my ears. The thing is that before my first batch of piercings in my lobe took I had them pierced 2 or 3 times before. Each time they got problematic in some way and had to be taken out (I was also alot younger then, kiddie aged). By the time the first batch actually got to stay in I was in High school and had gotten them just cause I loved how piercings looked and was going to get it done right this time gosh darn it! (not with a gun, I won't go on the piercing rant I promise). A girls ears being pierced is a bit of a coming of age thing in a way (sometimes). Second batch (just behind the first batch) were gotten during the summer of my first year of college it was an I made it through my first year of college Go me! (same day I went to see wicked for the first time). I wanted to get something done to celebrate getting my first apt but I never did so one of (or all) the belly button pokes (if it is belly button I end up getting poked) will be for that (even if it is a year and a half late). I don't go and get my body poked with needles willy nilly the tattoos have to mean something and the piercings signify something important that happened in my life. I want my skin to be a roadmap of what I have done in my life, a way for me to remember all the firsts and major ending in my life.....(if thats the case I'm way behind...I just realized). I love the way piercings look and I won't fault a person for getting poked (pierced or tattooed) just cause, but me, something that causes pain and takes so long to heal has to mean something. Yeah, I have this big love affair with symbolism what can I say (grade school english teachers, I finally got it).

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