Monday, December 15, 2008

Oh the holidays are coming

So life is fairly uneventful. Me and one of my old cooking shift mates made a late lunch on friday cause I was hungry (cause class goes from 9 till 1 and I didn't get a lunch break that day) and she wanted to cook. I grabbed an Earthwatch Ohio newsletter from mustardseed when I popped in there on Sunday and found a few interesting articles. Apparently there is a study being done about setting up a windfarm like thing off in Lake Erie (not a bad idea, apparently wind is better off shore and Lake Erie gets more wind then some of the other Great Lakes) and there is a bill in the House of Representatives (HR 1009 <-- thats the bill number) to allow industrialized hemp to be grown. (that is the bill as it stands currently) Industrialized hemp is a good thing, and doesn't have enough THC to get a person high. They are two different species of cannabis. Its good for making clothes, hemp seed oil which is really good for you to name just two and currently it is illegal to grow because of its relation to pot. So everyone should tell thier respective representatives to approve the bill cause I think it would be a good idea.
Regarding the website i mentioned earlier, its pretty sweet you just go there and type in the name of a bill or its number and it tells you whats going on with it currently. One good thing I got from my environmental policy class.

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