Thursday, December 4, 2008

well....we are attempting to get back to regularly scheduled broadcasts

Well, today is a plant post day......I think I've talked about all the plants I have. I repotted my amarylises and one is already growing....I think. We shall see. I thought I would talk about the gardens I would have if I get a house. All the trees would be fruiting or nut bearing trees (unless I randomly live in the woods, in which case there will be beech and maple trees predominantly) and a lilac bush or five. And I would have a veggie garden (that might double as a community garden) and an herb garden and then an animal friendly garden for birds and butterflies and little four footed ones to shelter in and find food (not that the 4 footed cousins won't do that to all of them). I want to buy as little produce from the grocery store as possible. Yeah, I have lots of projects in mind. And just to help everything along I just might raise bees in there too. And I would have heirloom veggies from seedsavers and stuff from the local farmers market during the season...oh! and chickens (no roosters). That way I can have eggs I know are animal friendly cause I will take care of them and not kill them when they get too old to produce, nope I'll keep them and love on them till they die. Then they will go in my garden to feed the plants. Which is a thought that doesn't bother me one that odd? And I don't see that as animal exploitation because I would be adopting them from somewhere and using only what they discard anyway. And I will have a stand of sunflowers to use as bird feeders in winter (unless the chickadees get to them first which is very possible). And on my off days (when I'm not working) I will go to a horse barn and ask if I can muck out a stall and keep the poo to put in my gardens aaaaand I'm going to compost with wormys probably (it sounds like the easiest way) and use the wormy poo on my plants too. My yard will be so pretty!!! And will hardly have to be mowed except in the very begining.

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