Saturday, December 27, 2008

Catch up time

well, I'm back home. A little worse for wear but that is how visits to Grandmother's house go. I ended up yelling at grandma (not the best thing to do) but I almost feel proud of myself for not just sitting there and taking her snipping at me and my sister (really, it started with my sister. No one bitches at/hurts in any way shape or form my sister.) The boy is trying to work to help me be less.....ruglike (getting walked all over). I think its working. The visit was nice except for the last hour or so, but I digress.

I saw this in my zillion e-mails that I haven't gotten to read since I left for vacation.

All I can say to this is WHOOPS!!!! And bye-bye animals and good drinking water and pretty landscape. Oh yeah, and the mountain justice folks are gonna have a field day. Go mountain justice folks!!!! They're a good bunch.

Reminder to all: There is no such thing as clean coal. Talk to your energy provider and see about getting your energy from clean sources like wave, wind, solar, etc.

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