Thursday, December 11, 2008

Plant post

well, my tomatos and impatient aren't doing so well. Iv'e been a bad plant mommy and hadn't watered them in a week so everybody's leaves were pretty soft but the primrose wasn't even wilted! I just keep telling the impatient just a few more months (ok 5 more months) and it will be warm again and it can go outside and get all the sun it wants....after spring. I find myself not minding the cold and the snow so much this year. yeah, I freeze my butt off every night at my computer and have to wrap my comforter off my bed round me so I don't die of shivering (a slight exaggeration...but only a teeny one) but I still don't really mind it. I'm thinking about borrowing my roomates turtle UV lamp for an hour and sitting my plants under it cause she isn't using it. It might help the dumpster plant and my tomatos who are growing tall but rather sparsely...well one of them is, the other is growing over (and trying to poke my sleeping blueberry bush) and I don't have a thing to prop it up with. The blueberry is definitely asleep with most of its leaves still attached but all dry and easy to pull off (I tried yesterday just to see). Everybody else is growing nicely as far as i can tell much to my pleasure.

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