Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My environmental econ prof would be so proud of me

Back to your regularly scheduled programing
My school just built this new fancy ass dorm building, it is considerably more eco-friendly then the other ones we have here on campus. It has motion sensored lights (I'm not sure if that helps cause you have to have the sensor on all the time). It has this lecture hall that is super fancy with electronics and chalk boards (cause you can solve the worlds CO2 problem by making chalk CaCO3 (so says the environ econ prof)....lots and lots of chalk , not to mention that dry erase markers give off funny chemicals and then you throw them away adding to the waste pile which doesn't happen with chalk). This building was also painted with low emission paint wich is supposed to be so much better for the world cause it doesn't emit as many bad chemicals (yay!). The chairs in the lecture hall have 4 screws in them (I think) and they come apart into 9 recyclable pieces and the carpet is made in such a way that there is minimal glueing to the floor (that is not toxic anyway) because they made it so there is a suction between carpet and floor, the carpet is layed down in squares not big sheets so you don't have to replace the whole thing if there is a problem you can just take out that square and replace it. The pattern in the carpet is such that if you remove a square and replace it no one would notice the difference anyway. This company the carpet came from is super cool because they are working towards zero waste to garbage dump, instead they put everything back into production which is pretty damn sweet (see what I learned in econ class). Oh! and the toilets are low flow and depending on if you go #1 or #2 you pull the handle in a certain direction and it will use more water or less which I thought was the coolest thing ever, I totally want one in my house. If the school ever gets off its lazy ass a portion of the roof could be a green roof which would be a good thing (they won't get off thier asses tho....I know them). Yay for environmentally friendly things!

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