Thursday, December 18, 2008

Plant Post!!!

well, i have a new plant....6 to be exact. I dunno what they are or how many will sprout. 2 of them are palm like bushes and 4 are some sort of bulb (got them for free from this lady who lives downt he stree) which i added soil and water to. We will see if they will grow and what they will grow into. Yay more mystery plants, and with luck they will flower and be pretty. Which reminds me I should check on the palm bushes to see if they sprouted and to water them. I love tropical plants cause they grow all year round (if kept properly) and they don't add to the co2 levels when they go to sleep for the winter, they just keep on sucking up the co2. Which is a good thing cause they rise and fall a bit with spring and summer and fall respectively. The rest of my plant children are hanging in there the best they can.


Nelly said...

Dude, you're gonna have a garden in your house - plants on every available surface, hanging from hooks in the ceiling, etc etc. And it will be awesome :)

HippieAtHeart said...

I'm an addict, what can I say? If I could have chlorophyll in my skin I totally would....then I would make my own food, which would be so cool.