Monday, October 13, 2008

Community Garden

I would love, love, love to be part of a community garden. There just isn't enough community these days. People hardly know thier neighbors. Its all interent and IM and text messaging, yes I use those too (obviously) but I think it would be so cool to start/be a part of one. Plant veggies and what have you, enough for all the people who would be working it. Yeah it would be a biiig project and probably take up a good half acre or so....maybe i don't actually know how big it would have to be. And it wouldn't be good for just the adults to get out and be with thier neighbors working the garden, it would be a great way to teach kids about plants and make them be outside. In my fantasy world this garden would be organic and would probably get the end product from the vermiculture bins in my basement to make the plants all kinds of happy. And since we are leaving reality and running full force into my fantasy land lets also make it so that all the produce from the garden that the animals don't get (you will end up sharing whether you like it or not with the furry cousins) will be canned/preserved in some way in everyone's houses and when you need something you just call someone up and say "I need (insert veggie) I'll be over in a few to get it" I really would like to see the feeling of community something like that would create. And we could have our own harvest-y parties. It would be mad fun. There would be all sorts of heirloom plants, not stuff that looked pretty but actually tasted the way they should. None of those bizzare peach tasting apples, just straight up good for you, good tasting, maybe not the prettiest thing ever veggie. Not to mention because the garden grew it, it would taste better cause the community planted it with thier own hands and you would know where the produce came from and when it was picked and that it wasn't doused with funny chemicals ect. I would love it!


just-one-me said...

that would be absolutely amazing

Nelly said...

That would be the best thing ever - not only for the local-food-ness and teaching kids where their dinner comes from, but the whole idea of community. Americans need to seriously rethink the way we interact as a society - we're so out of touch with each other! The people in my parents' neighborhood have been attempting to make more of a community since one person died and everyone realized they never really knew him, but it's mostly just the annual picnic and nothing more.