Tuesday, October 7, 2008

If I had only known

If I had realized the mountain justice talk was tonight I would have saved my recycling stuff for later. Oh well. So mountain justice is a good bunch of people doing great things to save the mountains and the people of Apalachia....someone is that spelled right??? Go here http://www.mountainjusticesummer.org/index.php they talk about thier stuff better than I can. Its really amazing to see how corporations are taking over our government though. Coal mining corporations basically run west virginia it sounds like. And another reason to hate Bush.... the US was this close to getting mountain top removal illegal and bush....the personable man that he is changes the definition of valley fill (the shit that happens to the rubble from blowing off tops of mountains....gets dumped in the valleys essentially filling them up which pollutes the stream that runs through it which causes us to pay for cleaning the water (externalities anyone!!!! which means I have found a use for my Econ class which makes it worth learning which is a good thing but that is for a different post). This close...... Its really sad to see because yeah west virginia has always mined coal but this way of doing it makes coal miners lose jobs and pollutes the environment. It has caused lots of deaths. From directly killing people to causing cancer. And I heard a scary statistic 13% of women east of the mississippi who have children will (not might) WILL have children with birth defects because of mountain top removal. And you see all these signs for coal all through West Virginia how it is the only option and the way they talk about it all the people in these towns have forgotten that they can do something, they just need to find how to make a living without coal as the mainstay of the economy which is killing them or driving them all from thier homes one by one and leaving the rest often poor as fuck. Economy working???? I think not!

Here's to the Long Haul is coming to campus!!!! 29th of this month I can't wait! http://www.myspace.com/herestothelonghaul go there, thats them.

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Nelly said...

Yaaaay I'm gonna be around for Here's to the Long Haul! ^_^