Saturday, October 4, 2008

Indian summer tea smells like a hookah bar

(it does trust me on this...its a good smell)
Ok so the econ exam is over....THANK THE GODS.
There is something to be said for waking up as the sun does, yeah its fucking cold cause my heat isn't on yet and yes its horribly early and I really don't like doing it but walking outside to the co-op for breakfast saying my morning prayer as I walked cause I had to hurry through the morning stuff today to ensure optimal eating time and so I could eat and not be late for class/eat during the exam. Anyway walking and saying my morning prayer, a few moments after I ended my prayer there was a burst of bird song. Not even kidding it was silent as I prayed then it started out 2 birds and as I walked towards campus I heard more not alot more but a chickadee and a blue jay and one of the crows that is always around and some bird I didn't know. (ooo there is a very unhappy jay outside right now) There was a sense of the world waking up, the sun not even over the buildings and trees yet. It made me feel better about things and being awake that early because it was COLD (example of how cold: last night the cats slept under the covers with me and were there for most of the night and one even left then came back later and nosed her way back to her sleeping spot somewhere between my hip and the middle of my ribcage) and I wasn't a happy camper cause I didn't sleep at all well, in fact the only reason I know I slept at all is cause one of the cats woke me up from a dream by walking on me 3 minutes before my alarm went off. I was in a long sleeve shirt, sweat shirt, armwarmer, and a coat (thanks nelly for leaving your coats yours are warmer then mine) and pants of course and shoes so I could walk to the co-op. But man it was COLD. But I do love sunrise. I am a firm believer that everything has a spirit (yes rocks and all) and whether that spirit is sentient, that can feel emotion or just an undefineable energy I feel excitement from all the things around me at dawn, its the same feeling I get when I stand quietly with my plants when they are getting direct sunlight. Maybe its just the feeling of the plant going "ooo sun! make food!!!!" or something a bit more emotional I don't know I would like to think that thier spirits can have emotion, after all its been proven plants do better when you talk to them so who knows. But I had a thought and its a thought that has been rolling about my head and it has been mentioned often in other circles humans are so obsessed with time even me note the use of optimal eating time earlier in the post. Nature wakes up when the sun rises and retires for the night (or at least hunkers down) when it goes down, humans have created this false schedule where we stay up till silly hours in the night and curse the dawn when it tries to poke into our eyelids and that little bit of us that is still animal says time to be up sun is up. If we actually lived as a part of nature we would be up with the birds and the rest of the natural populations instead of obsessing over our clocks and being in bed by midnight and up by 9, hours after the sun is up. Even my cats are running around my apt as soon as the sun is up, they have learned that I'm not getting up that early to feed them however so they just amuse themselves by running around, literally. Yes, I realize industrys and office buildings run on time and I understand the need for it so we can document how much we work so we can get payed so we can pay bills and eat and all that good shit but damn we have messed up our internal workings with this thing called time.


Nelly said...

Love love love this post. Even being a total night owl, I've noticed that when I actually do drag my ass out of bed as soon as it gets light, I'm overall more alert during the day (even though my half of conversations in the morning are mostly monosyllabic grunts). Silly light bulbs...they give us the means to twist our natural schedules around and mess everything up.

Nelly said...

PS snuggle the babies extra for me!

HippieAtHeart said...

Will do.