Thursday, October 16, 2008

Oh man.....

first off a letter to the Gods
Dear mom n dad
please, please please I can't keep the kitty that found me. Please if it has an owner let it make itself known. Pischa and Avi arent happy about the little tom in our apt and want him to go away and leave them alone (he won't stop trying to play with them). And if it is a certain someones cat they are the most iresponsible owners ever and then I don't want them to have him back, letting a baby run around outside, unfixed, getting fleas, with coyotes is stupid and I want to slap them really really really hard.
Your bleeding heart love animals to death save them all from cruel fates who wont turn into a hoarder daughter

Plant post

I have 2 tomato plants I am trying to over winter for mom. They are mostly happy. With some yellowing leaves, I can't tell if that is because I am over watering or underwatering....I can never tell.

Sorry this is short I feel like I'm running around crazy. And can't sit still long enough to think.

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just-one-me said...

yellowing leaves is a sign of magnesium deficiency I believe. I learned about that last semester. Maybe try some fertilizer?