Friday, October 17, 2008

Cooking in the Co-op

This is the second time I've had to write this. Darn internet errors.

Today's lunch was good if I do say so myself and I was quite excited about it. We had tomato soup which ended up having basil, mushrooms (which I am actually starting to tolerate), mashed potato (she said to thicken but I'm not sure it worked), celery, and spicy spices (it was quite spicy). We also had grilled cheese and my fellow cook made me a grilled spinach and tomato sandwich just because which was nice. We had salad and we took this rasperry mushy-ness that she of the long coppery hair who cooks like the Goddess herself made on an earlier shift and mixed it with some other stuff and made fried rasperry mush pancake.....thingys (that is the technical name). They were sooooo good. Ok, well it's near bedtime for me cause I have class and all tomorrow. Night night.

Oh yeah almost forgot another letter to the Gods

Dear mom n dad
Thanks a billion bajillion million zillion times for that kitten actually having an owner even if it was who I thought it was.....still don't agree with letting a baby roam about but she was all worried about him and so happy to have him back (apparently he comes home every night).
Lotsa love

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