Thursday, October 2, 2008

Plant Post!!!! My blueberry bush

So I have a blueberry bush. Its a mini one that will stay in a pot...eventually a really BIIIG pot. When it gets older, right now its still a baby who is starting to get ready to take a loooong nap till spring. Its leaves are starting to turn the palest pink i have ever seen, so pale its almost a tan with light pink shading. Im not exactly sure what I should do with it while it sleeps, do i water it a little now and then? Stick it outside so it can get snowed on? I hope not its still young I'm not sure it would live through the snows, most of its branches aren't even woody yet. But yeah, I can't wait till it gets older and makes blueberries. It'll be exciting.

Dumpster plant update: has yet to be identified. I'm now taking bets on what it is. Winner doesn't actually win anything.

flower: 5 petals bright fucking purple-y pink. Leaves: eye shaped (the part you can see when looking at a persons eye when they are open. whites, colored part and iris) veins are paralell to main stem that goes through leaf but follows curve of leaf shape, there are only a couple visible veins on each side of the leaf. Stems: very thick and succulent-y and rather unbendy. Easy to pull out of the soil (found that out the hard way)

Something really cool I found on a lj community I'm on.


Anonymous said...,WZPA:2006-10,WZPA:en
Are these the flowers? If they are then go to here for care tips.

HippieAtHeart said...

nope those aren't them. They are not nearly that dark.