Monday, October 6, 2008

Format change!!!

Title is from an old radio comedy thing.....a radio station playing classical music then the boss comes in yells format change and puts on some Rock music

Ok I know I said thanfulness on Mondays but I'm changing that. Its good in theory but in practice it will be just too repetitive I feel. There are lots of things I am thankful for, most of them revolve around the co-op, friends, pets, warm (but not really) apt, bed, food, family...sometimes. Sooo yeah and besides I have something more interesting to talk about. Nature isn't all light and bunny farts (to paraphrase something Dianne Sylvan wrote) I tell you this because someone is going to be missing thier dog this morning. Last night as I left my apt to go clean the big fridge in the co-op there was this horrible noise, obviously a fight of some kind. There were 2 voices one wimpering pitifully which was obviously a dog and something....else. some dude said it was a coyote but...i dunno I would have said it sounded more cat like, but he's probably right coyotes are quite common around here. So the horrible growl/snarl/more cat then dog sound went on longer than the whimpering so one assumes puppy lost and is now coyote chow. Let me get my irrisponsible owner bit out of the way, Why in the hell you would let a small dog (coyotes usually go after the small dogs) out at 11 at night....i mean really by itself when you know there are carnivorous animals out???? but I also feel bad cause now no one will know where Fluffy McFlufferson went that night and why didn't fluffy come back. But anyway whats done is done, I hope they learn thier lesson. Everyone always thinks of nature as this beautiful wonderful awesomeness and yes it is that but its also big and dark and scary with loud growl/snarl/ more cat then dog sounds. I guess this is why we have persephone the typical maiden pretty as she can be who is also queen and consort of Hades. I was thinking about this dog and its cruel and horribly unprepared for fate (oh wow my theater class is really rubbing off on me) only to realize that cruelty is a human construct. In nature there is no cruelty....well ok not true exacty, we would view some of the things as cruel but in nature killing for food, killing offspring of the male you just killed so you could have his harem, killing a weak pack member, ect is all part of nature, survival of the fittest and all that. Cerebrally you know that and you see it on tv but then its always in those when nature attack shows and it seems like just a joke but to hear it is completely different and amazing and terrifying at the same time. Cause honestly I can never look at nature as a whole exactly the same way, I can even better understand why settlers went out and hunted all the predators out of an area cause hearing one is fucking scary as all hell. However this does not stop me from saying that wolves need to be reintroduced into places where they are now exctinct to control the deer population. It makes you understand why those old civilizations held nature with such respect. And the scariest part. has nothing to do with nature....well humans are mamal but are we really a part of nature...lets be honest. There is a guy down the row of apts who has a handgun and he was gonna go find the dog and shoot it. HE HAS A FUCKING GUN. Not a gun to go hunting with but a handgun. He literally said when asked with what gun by another dude "with my handgun" why the hell do you need a handgun in this area???? Now I know a few people who have guns and all of them I would trust with them (know only one person with a handgun and hes a cop so its a little different) but.....I don't like guns, I don't want a gun near me and yes it was a nice thought to go put the pup out of its misery but.....GUN!!!!!

Dumpster plant has been identified as an impatience....however thats spelled so its new name: the impatient dumpster plant which i firmly believe was a gift to me from the Gods.....even if it was owned by someone else and thrown away...they knew I'd find it. I had really wanted to expand my plant collection and there lo and behold sitting on the dumpster on its side still healthy as can be.....a plant. That makes it a gift in my eyes.

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