Friday, October 3, 2008

Cooking in the Co-op

Ok, I have absofuckinglutely no energy so this is going to be a relatively short post. Econ is.....(to use something less crude then my original thought) is painful and I have been studying for about a week and a half for it nonstop (brain broke down last night in a fit of tears that started at the co-op and didn't end till about an hour later on the floor just inside my apt even then I probably didn't move for another half an hour) and despite the fact that I was in bed by 11 not sleeping but reading for fun (asleep by 12) because i was instructed to stop studying I am exhausted therefore my cooking ideas were nonexistent. I think I could use some of that nettle tea that my friend in Living Like a Goddess (see blog list at right) is trying out. So in the end I just helped make stuff....mostly I just cut up cucumbers for these pita triangle things that had cheese cucumber and tomato slices in them then they were stuck in the oven....some didn't have cheese so they were vegan so i could eat them. They were tastey. We also had kale and mushrooms and pita chips (that the cooking shift made) and humus and some cheezey potato curry thing.

Last week
I made Guacamole last week, which is exciting for me cause I've never made it before it turned out pretty well I think. The exciting thing was that there was no food in the co op. I mean end of the year we aren't buying anything else type empty and we came up with a kick ass meal. There was a super amazing soup that had many of the dried beans in the co op *cough* cody's lima beans *cough cough* and just everything....and there was something else but like I said brain doesn't work anymore so I can't remember what it was.

Love light and sunlight (its actually sunny today. sun = warmer than its been)

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