Wednesday, October 29, 2008

How many Gods do you worship anyway?

Answer: As many as I want to (same number as the number of angels that can dance on the head of a pin: as many as want to), but really they are all facets of the same God. She doesn't really have a gender (but we mere mortals cannot imagine such a thing). Wicca usually focuses generally on 2 Deitys a God and Goddess, but you can invoke, call on, ask for help, follow ect any of the pantheons you so choose, or not at all and just follow God and Goddess its whatever floats your boat. You can worship as many as you want or as few, you can focus only on the Goddess if you want (I think that's as bad as the patriarchal religions ignoring the feminine but as I said its what floats your boat). There is a debate going if you can work with different Gods from different pantheons at the same time, some say yes, some say no (of course those who say no are WAY against it). Me I say well, if they are all the same in the end why does it really matter anyway. If they are all the same then technically you could be Christian and pagan at the same time....mindfuck!!!! (hides from the pitchforks) But this is a debate for another time that I will address. The one thing I really don't like about the way Wiccans do thier thing is that if you look at what the God and Goddess are doing throughout all the festivals (looking at the whole cycle of the year) its this wierdo incestuous thing where the Goddess keeps bearing the God then in spring they are young and do what all young people do at some point (have sex) then he dies and is born again. So shes basically having sex with her son over and over and over. EW! I mean I get the idea behind it (all things spring from woman cause only we can create cause only we can pop out babies) but it never exactly worked for me. Which is why I say I am Pagan and not Wiccan, this way I have more leeway to hold my ritual the way I want and not think about wierdo incestuousness. That isn't to say the Gods don't come into it, cause trust me they do.
I am only going to say this once and in all caps so it sounds like I am yelling at you to remember this IF YOU WANT TO ASK A GOD/ESS FOR HELP FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD AND HOLY RESEARCH THEM BEFORE YOU DO IT. Learn how to properly honor them after/during/before they help you, learn thier stories, thier special days, thier animals maybe you could put a feather of thier bird on your altar they might like that. Don't just go around using thier names willy nilly in your ritual (i use this word to encompass all forms of prayer and spell work and special days). A name IS the thing. (yes i should curb my use of Jesus fucking Christ....I'm working on it, its an ongoing project). They hear when you say the name, its like when someone says your name in a crowded room suddenly you are all ears because you heard that person over there say YOUR name. Its a religion, there is some work involved.
Lately I have been wondering if I should be studying more of the Hindu pantheon seeing as how I keep dreaming about them (ok 2 dreams but thats still alot for me). We shall see maybe later I will post my dream I had this morning and I can get an opinion from....someone.


Nelly said...

Good post. I guess that's why I don't especially like that one chant that's got 7 different names of goddesses, seemingly randomly chosen, or maybe chosen just to fit the tune. A couple of those named (you'll probably guess which ones pretty easily) are definitely not ones I'd ever invoke lightly, and I've always wondered why they in particular were chosen.

HippieAtHeart said...

yeah, I think they do it that way because it gives balance, invoking everyone equally. I'd have to do more research into the ones named because some I have no knowlege of really but at first glance thats what it looks like to me