Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The plan

Anyway, so I intended this to be my first post but I got excited about the dumpster plant, which is now inside and on top of a bookshelf in the extra bedroom of my apt that is for the moment the plant room cause it gets the most light. I may just continue to call it the dumpster plant even if i figure out what it is. So there are lots and lots and lots of things I want to talk about, one of them will be cooking in the co-op on fridays. Every friday I have a cooking shift (for those who don't know) I am part of a Co-op where we cook strictly vegetarian food on campus. It's pretty much the shit. We do all our own cooking, cleaning, washing of dishes, ordering food, calling people when things break, everything. And members have 3 shifts a week either cooking, cleaning, putting out and cleaning up the food for meals, and a few special things that just need doing like cleaning out the big fridge (thats my job), baking, unpacking food when it comes, taking out the composting to feed the wormys and such. So I have a cooking shift and I think it will be a good one this year I'll tell you why on friday where it will be a double feature of this friday and last friday's meals.

I can't decide if I want to plan other days for specific type posts....I probably will just so I don't forget some topic I want to talk about. Cause it would be just like me to forget some awesome idea that I had. I also want to talk about my religious practices as a way to jumpstart my ass and actually do things. Maybe if I tell you I'm doing it, I'll actually do it. Maybe that should happen....Wednesday? Bwhhahaha it gives me a whole week to think of something *more evil laugh* In truth the only thing I'm thinking currently is Samhain *cough* halloween *cough cough* cause I have to work and therefore will be at home which will cause difficulties I may discuss such things later today, we shall see. And of course I am going to gush about my plants cause I loves them, they are about the most alive feeling things in my apt. I think I'll do that on thursdays. So that leaves Monday and Tuesday.....Howsabout I turn this thing into my environmental soap box Tuesdays and Monday....I think I will do a special thing on mondays because mondays are just a hard day. On monday I will talk about things I am thankful for...I know it sounds dorky but it is how I end my day every day thinking of the good things that went on that day and thanking the Lord and Lady for them even if you have a bad day it makes you feel a bit better to think of that one good thing that happened even if its that fuzzy purr-ball curled up in bed next to you and thats it. Ok well that ends the post for now.....The writing schedule is subject to change on my whim *cough* classes *cough cough*

Love, Light, and Chickadees peering in your window at you

P.S. yes that actually happened this morning while watering my plants

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