Thursday, October 23, 2008

Plant Post!!!

ok, lets see here, who haven't I talked about.... Oh yes! My african Violet. It was a random gift from my mom. Its a tropical plant that is still chilling at my parents house because my apt has no insulation at all, on my life, its really frustrating. I took a peek at it last night when I came home and it has lots and lots of flowers on it, I'm not sure I have ever seen it with so many. they are pink and have a wierd slighly shiny-ness when sunlight hits them its real pretty. African violets are an interesting flower because anyone can keep one alive (its super freeking easy just water from the bottom and put in a fairly sunny warmish place) but its really freeking hard to grow them from seed. I tried earlier in the year with some seed pods one of my mom's african violets made and all i grew was a little bit of fuzz on the soil (too moist waaaay to moist). I'll know for next time. Apparently my mom tried growing them from seed too when she was lots younger and she got them to sprout and then at a certain stage you are supposed to put them in bitty pots and they all died, go figure. But I think I'm going to try again with the growing from seed because there are a few more pods coming up.

As an aside, yellowing, crisping leaves on a tomato plant does in fact mean magnesium deficiency (you were right on the nose good job!) a way to fix it is by putting epsom salt in the soil. I just mixed it with water and watered the plants, so we shall see how that goes.

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