Thursday, October 23, 2008

A confusing dream to be sure

I had a bizzare dream last night. Lately I've been dreaming alot and they are usually a bit random but the thing is I have been remember them, or at least pieces of them when I wake up wich is wierd because I rarely do. Today I woke up with this dream.

I was packing my rabbits into a bookbag each had its own plastic bag that I packed it in (they were alive). There was also a hairless rat. When I pulled out the rat from by book bag when we got where ever it was we were going (looked like a zoo cage) the plastic bag had been flattened and there was no air in it. I quickly opened it and pulled the rat out. He was a little worse for wear but ok. I put him in his cage only to realize that a door to another cage was open that connected the two and he ran through it. I put him back and closed the door. He started fighting through the cage door with something and when I tried to stop it I was then immediately across the room and there was a stool in front of me and a large black dog (pit bull I think)next to the stool it was growling at me, bearing its very white teeth and I yelled at her "KALI STOP IT" and went to smack her with a one of those green co-op spatulas (of all things) and just before i smacked her with it I thought maybe I shouldn't and stoped.

Ironically the name Kali means black one, its also a derivative of the word kala meaning time. In most of the statues and paintings of Kali she is shown with a black (blue) body wearing a necklace of skulls, and a skirt of human arms. She is shown with essentially fangs that are very white showing her inner purity (because she is covered in blood), her tongue is stuck out, she has 4 arms one holding a head, one holding a sword, and the other two making blessing motions to her followers. (are we seeing a pattern here?) Now I am no good at interpreting dreams, I had a book once but I decided it was a load of shit and threw it out, but there is something to dreams, that much I do know. And there is definitely something to this dream but I have no idea what. Kali has always scared me a bit she is one of the mother Goddesses but she is also a Goddess of distruction and rebirth. Some view her as a Goddess of Chaos. I copied this from a website, I'm not sure how accurate it is but from what I know already I belive it to be quite accurate
"Kali's boon is won when man confronts or accepts her and the realities she dramatically conveys to him. The image of Kali, in a variety of ways, teaches man that pain, sorrow, decay, death, and destruction are not to be overcome or conquered by denying them or explaining them away. Pain and sorrow are woven into the texture of man's life so thoroughly that to deny them is ultimately futile. For man to realize the fullness of his being, for man to exploit his potential as a human being, he must finally accept this dimension of existence. Kali's boon is freedom, the freedom of the child to revel in the moment, and it is won only after confrontation or acceptance of death. To ignore death, to pretend that one is physically immortal, to pretend that one's ego is the center of things, is to provoke Kali's mocking laughter. To confront or accept death, on the contrary, is to realize a mode of being that can delight and revel in the play of the gods. To accept one's mortality is to be able to let go, to be able to sing, dance, and shout. Kali is Mother to her devotees not because she protects them from the way things really are but because she reveals to them their mortality and thus releases them to act fully and freely, releases them from the incredible, binding web of "adult" pretense, practicality, and rationality."
Got it from here
So yeah, ummm no thanks, really I don't want to deal with that amount of stress. Dark Goddesses tend to teach lessons the hardest way possible (maybe so you don't forget them...ever) and I just don't want to deal with that, but that doesn't mean they won't teach me anyway.

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