Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Puppy chow is a co-op staple (thank God someone made some)

Today I think I will talk about spell work. It is how alot of people get drawn to paganism, well kids anyway. There are lots and lots and lots of names for a person who is pagan. Witch, pagan, all the different names of the paths that fall under the all encompassing umbrella term pagan. There are alot. But I think most youngins are drawn to witch. The first idea you get is green faced halloween witch, then maybe Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Charmed, Bewitched (loved that show but the movie was crap), The craft (had the right idea and then totally fucked it up) and I can never forget Practical Magic which is the best witch movie on the face of the planet and closest to accurate that I have seen. People love the idea of being able to change things and influence the future to thier own benefit, its human nature. The problem is that it doesn't work like in the movies and tv shows you can't just point and shoot and is a magic noise and something happens. I realize that it has to be that way for tv. Sully Erna from Godsmack described a spell as a prayer. And yes it is....but then it is not. I think spells are more then that. When you pray you ask whatever Divinity you believe in to help you with this, make this not true, just to say hi, whatever you want. But a spell is far more intricate and can have much more interesting consequenses (karma anyone?) if you don't think it through fully and or word it properly. (which is why I don't do them) When doing spell work you send your energy that you have bound with a specific purpose out into the universe to work your will, prayers you don't really do that (not on purpose anyway). Spells are a last resort to you doing the footwork yourself but a kid just finding, usually Wicca, are all over that spell shit before they know anything about anything. Doing half assed, un-thought out, damn the consequenses to anyone else spells. But they learn, as I did when to cast and when not to(oh dear, just used a practical magic word). Later they realize there is far more to it....or at least hopefully think harder about doing them and why they are doing it. At that point of realizeing there is more to it they either say fuck this and walk away, learn all they can about the rest of it, or just ignore the religion part of it and be just a witch. (Incedentally male witches are not warlocks, you say they are and I'll beat you over the head. They are witches like everyone else. Warlock is an old English term (I think) for an oath breaker) One should think carefully about the intent of a spell and make sure it doesn't hurt anyone or mess with thier free will (ie make this person fall in love with me spells. BAD) Of course some don't care about that and they are just doing spells cause they are greedy bastards, but I digress. So yes, spells are a last resort and should be thought out very carefully and not done willy nilly and for things like bringing the Northern pretty as they are.

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