Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Economics and the Environment Somehow it just works

Ok, so the idea behind it is thus: Look at things like conservation and poluting from an economic standpoint and find that point where cost equals benefits, where you can maximize the use of money for the greatest effect. In my previous tuesday post the water conservation rant I said that this free market shit wasn't working. But what else is there? Answer: a limited market. A market where everything is owned by someone (not the same someone cause that would be a monopoly), and that person (and only that person) accrues all costs and benefits of that property (means no externalities (difinition:the welfare of an agent either a firm or household depends on the activities of another agent) which is a good thing), (I'm actually pulling out the Econ book to look up the property right structures as they should actually work) property should be transferable from one owner to another in voluntary exchanges (which it is as far as I know), and property should be secure from involuntary seizure or encroachment upon by others (this may not include when you get way into debt and they take some of your stuff to pay for that). Sadly our system does't work that way. If water was owned by the Government and parceled out to people and if the people go over that then they get charged a hefty fine that would be better then this willy nilly use that we have now. Yes people are trying to figure shit out but its a little late for that now, we are already heading up shit creek. But I guess every bit helps. And for pete's sake YOUR LAWN DOESN'T HAVE TO BE GREEN and this goes for everyone! Anyway, we need a better marketing system for some things, mostly I think we need to make all the companies pay for the externalities they are forcing upon us because it's cheaper to do so for them, I think that would help a whole heck of alot. Everyone needs to think of greater good of society not just the greater good of Me which will almost always be against the greater good of society. I'm not saying don't eat and bathe and all that just use as little as possible. Eat locally when you can (I know in the middle of winter in some places that is hard). Support the local economy by buying things from little shops and local artisans. Yes buying anything can support the local economy because the workers get paid but supporting local stuff cuts out that big corporation middle man and they get more of the profit. That being said everyone should check out www.etsy.com because its all hand made stuffs and you can find people in your area who are selling things. Supporting the local economy is a good thing.

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