Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Samhain pronounced (sow-en)

So next religious holiday is coming up the "witches new year" and I really want to do something for this one but the problem is A) I don't know what and B) I'll be at home cause I have to work....on halloween, not really looking foreward to it cause the barn is in a development and Lord and Lady know what ages are in this place and what they have planned...if anything. But yes, I think I'd like to do a dumb supper hahaha and actually do one this year. A dumb supper is where you make tasty foods and sit with the family/whoever you invite and set an extra place at the table with food and everything on it for those who have passed in your family (however you define family ie related to you, friends, ect). This dinner is held in silence (hense dumb) because you are supposed to be remembering these people and by thinking of them bring them to the table. Its a lovely idea if you ask me, and as of late there are a few people that need remembering plus one more (yeah you understood rightly someone else in my family just died...yesterday), two of which I did not get to attend the funeral as much as I would have liked to, but that is a rant for another time (won't be going to her funeral either). The problem is bringing up the subject and involving the family in said ritual (they being Catholic)....they look upon my pagan-ness with a sort of indulgence, though my mother did ask me what we did for Christmas and if my altar was to any spesific deity which is progress I suppose. And honestly, I've gotten so used to keeping them far, far away from my religious practices that I'm not even sure I would feel comfortable having them there being part of the ritual. (where are my we-almost-made-a-covenmates? We need to do something!!!)I could rant about my mother forcing me to go to church all day because shes being such a hypocrite its not funny. Saying how everyone has thier own path and for some it is some form of Christianity then forcing Catholisism down my throat. Someday I'll call her out on that. But I digress. This day is the day when we "realize" (not like we haven't been noticing it already we are supposed to be attuned to nature anyway) that the plants and such are going to sleep (here its probably already snowed at least once....well ok thats how it was when I was a kid and Global warming didn't exist). It is a day to remember those who have gone to the eternal sleep before us, a day when the veil between worlds is supposed to be thinnest (on this I have no knowlege). Other problem: Trick or treaters, in my family Halloween dinner was usually eaten very quickly so as to be ready for the kiddies/so me and my sibling could go out and trick or treat ourselves. Well....if nothing else I should decorate my altar But I have no idea how, on this I am very stuck. I don't have many fall like things to put on it and the cats will just rip up leaves if I bring them in. I could put things that remind me of those who have died but I don't have anything. There is a reason why I think about this stuff a month ahead of time, and this is it cause I have to be creative and use what little I have. I'll make do in the end.


Nelly said...

I'll be around Hiram and thereabouts from Oct29-Nov2, so maybe we can plan something out. The dumb dinner has always intrigued me, specially as we did kind of the same thing at Passover when I was growing up - set a place for the prophet Elijah, who kind of represents Jewish history as a whole in this case, and open the door for him and stuff (no we're not Jewish, but Lutherans are weird like that).

What are you supposed to do with the food on the extra plate after dinner?

HippieAtHeart said...

umm depends really, generally the things I've read put it outside but depending on what it was that may or may not be a good idea