Tuesday, October 14, 2008

water conservation rant (and it is a rant)

I am doing a project for class about water conservation. Its a good things people should do it. Take shorter showers, only shower when you are dirty, fill up a few cups of water for later use in the pets water bowl, drinking, watering plants while waiting for the water to heat up enough for a shower. For the love of all that is good and holy you desert states...STOP TRYING TO MAKE YOUR LAWNS GREEN YOU LIVE IN A FUCKING DESERT ITS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. The biggest problem is that water is super uber majorly by far the most important thing aside from air we have on this planet and you need it for just about everything so people get scared and want to do stupid things like truck water from the Great Lakes (bitches my water)to thier desert-y homes in the south west. I mean economically its stupid, we need to look at the societal greater good (ie whole flipping world) instead of just one area. And seriously this whole idea of water bottles (to quote Gorge Carlin) "Has the whole country become perpetually dehydrated?" Do you know how much water we would save if we didn't have water bottles in every store and gas station. I mean really, yeah I get it for a few things like going to work out and standing up in front of people to talk but thats why we have nalgene and Sigg and all those other companies that make bottles you can wash (but make sure you get the kind that doesn't release bad shit into your body). Fill up your own damn bottle and don't buy them from the store besides tap water has been proven to be cleaner. But I digress. Somethings that all farms and cities (because really where is the vegetation the water feeds in a city) should be looking into is taking the water that falls onto the roofs of buildings cleaning it (it is running off roofs and picking up bird poo and such) and storing it, even if you send it to the water treatment plants with the rest of the water that goes down drains that is a bunch of water that could be turned into potable (drinkable) water. There is a winery around here that gets all its water to water the grape vines (that isn't rain) from this kind of process (they don't have to clean it). That is just really awesome and allows you to pull less from ground water. This is a really important thing for me because I drive by a resevoir everytime I go to my parents house and its low I mean REALLY low, it scares and saddens me every time I see it because this resevoir is beautiful and there are spots you can walk across the lake now, WALK ACROSS A LAKE!!!! The thing is no one, no one seems to give a shit, they want thier water for pools, hot tubs, taking 5 million showers with thier significant other in one day, making thier lawns green. Its the tragedy of the commons for the millionth time in human history except this time it will be the death of the whole planet. Yeah global warming is bad but this water problem we are starting to find out we have is worse, heck of a lot worse if you ask me. Now, I'm not saying I'm perfect here either but really saving water isn't hard it just takes a little thought maybe a bit of money (a good quality low flow toilet, low water use washer (dishes and clothes). My showers: half an hour if I'm washing my hair which happens once or twice a week 10-15 minutes if I don't. And ladies you don't have to shave ones legs with the shower on you don't need that much water. What needs to happen is that the government needs to regulate water use and I don't mean just put up rules for domestic areas. I mean water rules for everyone allowing a building to use only this much water per month and if they go over it they get to pay a hefty charge. Of course as Americans we get grumpy when government tells us what we can and cannot do, we like our freedoms. Freedoms are all well and good but certain things need to change because this free market shit isn't working for the whole world. (oh boy look at what I'm learning in environmental economics! it almost makes waking up at 8am on a saturday worth it....almost) We are going to end up fremen living on a desert planet except that we don't have spice to live off of (if you don't know the reference read Dune by Frank Herbert who is a god)

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Nelly said...

Down here we get fairly bad droughts pretty much ever summer. I saw a news story a while back about there being a big to-do because Duke (the huge university in town) was still using its sprinkler system in the middle of the drought to water the athletic fields...which have artificial turf. I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry. People are morons.